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Environmental Growth Chambers set the standard for equipment in the controlled environment industry in 1953 with innovative greenhouse controls. With the demand for more controlled experiments in the late 1950s, EGC pioneered the emerging plant growth chamber market. In the early 1960s, we added controlled environment rooms to our product line.

EGC continues to introduce updated and enhanced technology to meet customer requirements. EGC has the world’s largest selection of controlled environment products and services. Experienced tradesmen manufacture EGC equipment at the company’s Ohio Facility. With corporate headquarters in Ohio, the company maintains regional sales and service offices in the U.S. and has strategic international partners for projects outside North America.


  • Commitment to Quality

    Whether providing standard or customized equipment, EGC is committed to supplying customers with the best quality products.
  • Technical & Engineering Expertise

    Our experienced technical and engineering staff allows us to design products, including controls and computer software, in-house.
  • Thermal Balance Controls

    Light, temperature, and airflow are uniformly maintained within chambers by a continuous thermal balance using advanced controls, equipment and design standards.
  • We Exceed Performance Expectations

    EGC’s equipment meets clients’ economic needs and surpasses their performance expectations and goals.


EGC has been designing and manufacturing plant growth chambers and controlled environment rooms since 1953.

EGC specializes in custom applications and can offer a collaborative design process to meet your needs. To receive information on any of our products or to discuss your special application, please contact us.